July 9, 2008

Back on Track

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366.9 pounds today and my period is over tomorrow.  It feels good to be back on track.  I also didn’t do too badly eating wise this week, even with the odd cravings.  I ate too many vegetables yesterday (six or seven cups actually) mostly because it’s really hot and meat just seemed unappetizing.  Still, out of all the things to eat poorly with, fresh veggies aren’t so bad.

Today I’ll make some tuna.  I try to have it only once or twice a week, and I haven’t for a while so it sounds good.  Maybe I’ll also toss some dreamfields pasta in with some sliced italian sausage and garlic broccoli.  Just a little pasta gives it a bit of variety, and doesn’t add too many carbs.  I’m one of the lucky few who doesn’t get blood sugar problems from it, I guess.  In moderation it’s never given me trouble.

It’s warm here today, but cool enough that sitting outside might be nice.


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