August 28, 2008

I’m alive!

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Been a while, but I am, thankfully, still alive.  Down to 368.8 again…or still there I should say.  While not much progress has been made, I have survived a long and torturous month, eating on plan as much as possible.

Eating many less carbs and far more fat the past two days, and it seems to be working.


July 15, 2008


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370 today….bleh.  No idea why it’s climbed back up so high.  Just body natural variation, I guess.  Getting more red meat again, so I’ll be eating a bit better.  Ran out of protein two days ago, so that may be why.  Everything else is peachy keen.

July 4, 2008

It’s that week again…

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My weight shot up today, to 372.5, which caused me some consternation.  Then I remembered what week it was.  Namely, the week where my birth control allows my body to…well, you get the drift.  It’s a good reminder for me to not panic at minor fluctuations, though, and to not make checking my weight a habit instigated by more than simple curiosity.

I am honestly interested to see how it changes over time, and what prompts the changes.  It should be interesting.

Nothing super-exotic on the menu today; some cabbage and peppers with a small amount of lean ground beef.  A chicken breast with some garlicy stir-fried green beans and broccoli, and….a third meal later I haven’t decided yet.  I may opt for something simple and light.  Even though it’s July 4th, not much to do today for me, alas, as there is no family for me to celebrate with where I live now.  I’ll spend the hours with some good friends tonight, instead.

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