July 1, 2008


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My first in a (hopefully) long series of posts chronicling my weight-loss restarting on the low carb plan.  So, I suppose, a brief introduction is in order, eh?

I am not just a little overweight, but extremely so.  My highest recorded was 550.  I gained and lost between there and 300 pounds for what seemed like ages.  Three major abdominal surgeries sort of kicked the weight loss in the teeth, and also caused me to find excuses for not doing the one thing that was responsible for my success – a diet with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and lean meats.  Low carb, effectively.  Back up to over 400 pounds, enough was enough with the bread and stuff.  It wasn’t worth it anymore.  With the prospect of moving to North Carolina soon following a divorce among other circumstances, no time like the present of getting back into shape.

My goal is to lose weight safely, and to permanently change my lifestyle to facilitate it not returning this time.  This means making sure my health is as good as possible, as well as eating properly.  I’m not actually posting on my first day of the diet; I’ve been on it nine days so far.  I am, for those of you interested, following the Protein Power version of low-carb.  Without further ado, the embarassing numbers:

Height: 5′
Weight: 379

I don’t know that it’ll be useful for me to update my weight each day.  We’ll see!  I’ll try to keep current with what I’m eating, and how things are going, though!


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