August 29, 2008

Leptin Resistance

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I’m going to be switching to at least six hours between meals; most of this decision is due to reading about leptin resistance.

Now, if I’m absolutely starving I’ll have a snack.  However, I won’t eat just to eat unless I am genuinely hungry.  I need to re-learn when my body needs to eat all over again from scratch…yay.  I figure this gives me a good kick in the pants to finally begin being more conscious of it, and alsoa good reason and motivation to encourage myself with.


August 28, 2008

I’m alive!

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Been a while, but I am, thankfully, still alive.  Down to 368.8 again…or still there I should say.  While not much progress has been made, I have survived a long and torturous month, eating on plan as much as possible.

Eating many less carbs and far more fat the past two days, and it seems to be working.

July 27, 2008

Ups & Downs

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I have, without a doubt, the strangest body.  I have in the past several days dropped to 364 pounds, then up to 369, then yesterday was 374.  Bleh.  Today, though, 371.5….we’ll see how the rest of the week goes.  Time to eat a few more moderate portions and more fat through the day.  I’ve probably been skimpy on it more than I should be.

July 21, 2008

Weight Gain

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Back up to 368 today.  I think I may actually be eating too infrequently and not drinking enough.  Because it’s so hot I generally avoid meals.  I’m going to try breaking them up into five or six small ones per day – hopefully this will help with the perplexing climb.  At any rate, not much else to report.

July 16, 2008

Daily Update

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366.1 weighed today.  Who knew your weight could fluctuate so much?  It’s 8am now, so perhaps premature.  I suppose I should list today’s food

8am: 2oz salami, 1/2 cup romain, 1 tablespoon mayo, 32 ounces water

9am: 24 ounces tea (over the next hour or two), 1/4 cup ice cream for a snack (wasn’t too hungry, just a little)

3pm: 6 ounce beef patty, 1 oz cheese, 1 thin onion slice, 1/2 cup stir-fried green beans w/ginger and garlic, 12oz soda

8pm: 2oz salami, 2oz cheddar, 2 tablespoons blue cheese dressing, 1 1/2 cups of romaine, four pistachio nuts (just crushed to sprinkle over salad), 1/4 a peach, sliced thin, 12 ounces soda

One more meal for the day, and that will be some sort of taco creation, methinks.

July 15, 2008


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370 today….bleh.  No idea why it’s climbed back up so high.  Just body natural variation, I guess.  Getting more red meat again, so I’ll be eating a bit better.  Ran out of protein two days ago, so that may be why.  Everything else is peachy keen.

July 12, 2008


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364.1 today.  I’ve been eating really light…it’s been hot and meh, the stomach just hasn’t wanted to do much.  Today was a very simple broiled chicken breast + salad, and already 50 oz of liquid or so.  I’ll have some meatballs later, and a peace or a scoop of sugar-free ice cream for dessert.  Bryers makes an excellent triple-chocolate one that’s sugar free, and only has a small amount of maltitol in it, so I seem to tolerate it better.

I adore peaches, and it being peach season here, they’re all over the place for $1 or less a pound.  I’ll miss that when it goes away.  All the more reason to enjoy them while they’re here.  Strawberries have looked bad lately.  Dunno why – maybe just my bad luck at finding them in the store.

July 9, 2008

Back on Track

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366.9 pounds today and my period is over tomorrow.  It feels good to be back on track.  I also didn’t do too badly eating wise this week, even with the odd cravings.  I ate too many vegetables yesterday (six or seven cups actually) mostly because it’s really hot and meat just seemed unappetizing.  Still, out of all the things to eat poorly with, fresh veggies aren’t so bad.

Today I’ll make some tuna.  I try to have it only once or twice a week, and I haven’t for a while so it sounds good.  Maybe I’ll also toss some dreamfields pasta in with some sliced italian sausage and garlic broccoli.  Just a little pasta gives it a bit of variety, and doesn’t add too many carbs.  I’m one of the lucky few who doesn’t get blood sugar problems from it, I guess.  In moderation it’s never given me trouble.

It’s warm here today, but cool enough that sitting outside might be nice.

July 7, 2008

Hiking Along

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Just hiking along.  This week I’ve been sore, so not much with the posting.  Weight has been a steady 374.5 or so – mostly period bloat, I suspect.  Still eating right and hanging in there.  Hopefully, a more interesting post later. 🙂  Just wanted to make a quick update.

Edit: as of 6pm I reweighed myself (yesterday’s weight was taken around the same time on the sixth; I just posted late), and am ata 366 pounds.  Again, no idea how, but it’s still fascinating to track just the degree of variation that merely time of day can create, nevermind other factors.

July 4, 2008

It’s that week again…

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My weight shot up today, to 372.5, which caused me some consternation.  Then I remembered what week it was.  Namely, the week where my birth control allows my body to…well, you get the drift.  It’s a good reminder for me to not panic at minor fluctuations, though, and to not make checking my weight a habit instigated by more than simple curiosity.

I am honestly interested to see how it changes over time, and what prompts the changes.  It should be interesting.

Nothing super-exotic on the menu today; some cabbage and peppers with a small amount of lean ground beef.  A chicken breast with some garlicy stir-fried green beans and broccoli, and….a third meal later I haven’t decided yet.  I may opt for something simple and light.  Even though it’s July 4th, not much to do today for me, alas, as there is no family for me to celebrate with where I live now.  I’ll spend the hours with some good friends tonight, instead.

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